Sunday, July 18, 2010

Create folder content type with metadata

Create new content type


Fill in name and choose Folder Content Type and Content Type “Folder” as parent


Assign the needed columns. In this case a status column


Choose add from existing content type to a document library


And choose new content type special folder

Afterwards you get a new column “status”


Now you can add a new folder with the New button for the document library


Now you can type the folder name and all meta data you configured. In this case the status

This is working for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010


Eric Fang said...

Nice post! Thank you.

Clem said...

This would be great if you could use the folder content type to display the contents of a folder in a view. This provides a list of folders but you still have to click each folder to see it's contents. Perhaps the release after 2010.

Nancy Skaggs said...

I was excited about this option BUT the folder content type option is only visible in the New Document drop-down.

Meanwhile, the big "New Folder" button is right there in the users' faces and they choose it every time. They do not even realize the other option is there. The danger is that the New Folder button does not produce the folder with the associated content type properties.

How can we get the New Folder button to produce folders with the Content Type structure?