Saturday, February 17, 2007

How to change a PDF File without Acrobat Software.

Download and install Ghost Script

If you allready got an PDF Printer Installed (like BullZip PDF) there is no need to install GS on your PC

Download gimp and the required packages

The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.13, fixed installer) (7745 kB)

If this is the first time you're installing The GIMP, you will also need GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment below.


GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment (version 2.10.6, for Windows 2000 and newer) (5539 kB)

This package is required to run The GIMP on Windows 2000 and newer. If you have older version of Windows, install GTK+ 2.6 instead.



Define system environment variables

GS_PROG=C:\program files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gswin32c.exe

GS_LIB=C:\program files\gs\gs8.53\lib

May be you have to change the path to the Ghost Script directory

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